ahh, sooo good being back at stanford. i love this place. i was a little shaky on the plane ride, there was that question of "am i going home or am i coming from home?" but after a long shuttle ride i finally arrived at branner hall and... it all comes flooding back. there was a bit of a dormy smell at first, but either the windows have been open enough or i'm used to it... it's great now.

got dinner with mikey and jamie at a mexican restaurant in PA. it was pretty good. good to see him again. i missed him. i dont' know if i fully realize yet how much i missed him, i kind of got used to the "single" mode... i might just need a day or two to get re-used to the concept of having someone. it won't take long, and it'll be cool. (:

yep, my roommate and i are alcoholics. heather cut up a grapefruit and poured two shots of smirnoff on it. that was yummy. it's going in the recipe box. (:

soooo good being home. i love this state. tomorrow: pay bills. tuesday: turn 19 and start classes. weeee!

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