a most interesting email...
(for those of you who don't know, chuck is "The Tree", of "The Tree" fame. and as far as our history together, if you don't know, please, for the love of god, don't ask. (by which i mean, that's a funny story, and i'll share it, but not on the blog.)

From: Chuck Armstrong
To: Kat R-------, A------ B------
Subject: A modest proposal
Date: 1/10/2002 2:13 AM


As you know, the time of Bandquet is upon us. As is sometimes customary for Bandquet, people attire themselves by themed groups.
Being in that we have a storied history together, I was wondering if you two charming ladies would like to have the honor of being my dates. If you would, of course, that means I would be willing to pay for half of each of your covers (sorry, but I'm still poor), and who knows, you may get even luckier (if you know what I mean) (what I actually mean is "drunker"). How can you refuse? The answer to this question is this:
You cannot.

However, on a more serious note, if you are uncomfortable by the idea of this or by the idea of being grouped together at all, then I sincerely apologize and you may each slap me in the face as many
times as you like as long as it not surpass thrice.

Please let me know at your most convenient opportunity.

Yours truly,


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