today saw LotR with Lauren... bad ass, the fourth time around. (remember: first: good, second: great, third: incredible, fourth: badass.) it was cool to catch up with her again, too.
when i got home we took the tree down. that's always sad. i don't like taking the tree down. because it's such an obvious sign of the assimilation of pagan customs into the christian faith when the christians decimated the native religions of europe. capitalist pigs.
then i went out to sushi with jamie and jamie and clayton and this girl, kendyll. i hope i spelled that right. anyway, she's clayton's friend. was a senior this year. and actually graduated in december, which is cool. i guess 3 kids did that... one to take care of her 9-month-old, and the other two to get their asses out of high school. (kendyll doesn't have a baby.) anyway, we got a shitload of sushi and it was REALLY REALLY good and also expensive. but that's ok. then we went to jamie's house (all but kendyll) and chilled. her dad made coffee. we saw mulholland. anyway it was super-super-cool to see wiccechick again, since it'd been since like fucking july or something and she's super cool. she's one of the few s-town peeps i truly miss. but i got to hear all about the pagan organation at auburn in which she's pretty active, and all the retreats and shit they have planned. i'm totally jealous. ah well. it was tons of fun.

i used to be a little boy

actually i didn't. but what i choose is indeed my choice, and, well, what's a boy supposed to do? a killer in me is a killer in you, my love... okay, enough.

"the world is a vampire, sent to drain, secret destroyers, hold you up to the flames." -smashing pumpkins.

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