Theoretically I should be working on my math homework, but I just listened to Rufus Wainwright's Hallelujah from the Shrek soundtrack which is an amazingly beautiful song, so i feel now like i need to blog.

Mike and I just had a beautiful deep conversation about reality and deity. what i can explain from it is that we decided that there is harsh reality, and then there is your perception of reality. you and you alone decide what the difference between the harshness and your perception is - whether it includes God, Buddha, Jesus, the Goddess, or whatever. It's an interesting idea. I propose that everyone in the world should invent their own religion, and create it around whatever you feel is important. study every religion that you can find, and decide what aspects of each you enjoy. i find that i like a lot of elements of pagan religions, buddhism, sufism, and other Eastern philosophies, and fewer elements of Western religions (although Jesus was a super-smart guy and there are a lot of lessons to be learned from the bible). to each his own though is the most important thing. everyone needs to decide exactly what they want to incorporate into their personal reality perception model.

right now i've given up on figuring out what i have in mine and am doing math homework.

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