weeee! it's been snowing on and off all day. too bad it's 37 degrees outside and the snowflakes haven't got, well, a snowball's chance in hell of sticking. and by "snowball" i mean "snowflake." and by "hell" i of course mean "texas." not much of a stretch, after all.

went shopping for my birthday, and picked out some things. of course i'll be surprised when i open them... (:

i wish we'd get a foot of snow. a foot. how cool would that be? *sigh* i hate texas.

there's something chilly about Smashing Pumpkins songs. perhaps it's just the MCIS disc.. but the songs feel cold. in a good way. like hot chocolate and fires. and snow falling on the grass outside. and even sticking. inches of it. a good thing.

"tomorrow's just an excuse away
so i pull my collar up and face the cold
all alone"
-smashing pumpkins, thirty-three

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