"aaaack" has returned as my away message. this means i got a 6.5 on a vocab quiz i thought i had gotten a 9 on, and even though my math midterm is over, i am still stressed. there's an ihum paper due tuesday. aaack. japanese is still kicking my ass. aaack. i understand the newest grammar structure we've learned, the -te imasu form, but that doesn't shed light on anything else. nor does it make memorizing 50 vocab words at 1AM one night any easier. or write the paper that i have to do in seminar for wednesday. it looks like any moment i have free this weekend will be spent on japanese and ihum. aaack. i'm tabling in white plaza from 12 to 1 to register voters. aaack.

special dinner should prove to be fun tonight. but it basically takes up between 6pm and god knows when i wake up tomorrow morning. tomorrow will be devoted to ihum paperage and japanese homework. really studying japanese, not clinging onto japanese for dear life.*sigh.*


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