i wish i could remember more of the dream i had last night. i only remember the end of it. i think it took place in middle-earth, because that was the feeling i had at the end was that the ring of power had just been destroyed. we were climbing a hill to watch the sunset over the now-amazing landscape. we were climbing the east side of a green valley. the east side was rocky, but not too hard to climb, but below us there was a beautiful green valley with a blue stream and then on the other side were hills and then mountains. but the mountains, as we destroyed the ring, went away (i assume they were the mountains bordering Mordor or something.) and left the sun to set behind the hills. the valley was bathed in a peaceful orange-pink light, and the clouds went from grey to blue as the mountains vanished. i remember the sun setting behind the hills and suddenly it was dark and colorless, but then the moon rose, at the same place where the sun set (i know, it doesn't work this way :), going the other directions, and cast a silver light across the entire valley. it was breathtaking. if i were an artist i'd paint the scene. but i'm not, so i have to leave it in my brain.

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