ahh, back to the old life. ahh, back to turning my music up on my headphones to drown out a) jenny's shitty music b)jenny's annoying voice c) jenny's annoying friends d) anyone who happens to stop by, not to talk to me of course, but to talk to my more attractive roommate. gah. that chris guy across the hall, the one who acknowledges my existence but nothing else, is now sitting on the back of my chair as i type this, talking to jenny. what the hell is he doing in here? does he realize that there is an unused chair in this room if he wants to sit down, and that the back of mine is not an appropriate place to plop one's arse?

just finished the sequel to Bridget Jones's Diary. Highly entertaining. was laughing out loud at the end. have found self mimicking bridget jones's writing style. fortuntately have never been imprisoned in thailand.

my music is not loud enough. i need to escape. i neeeeed to escape. working out in 3 hours is an enticing prospect but in the meanwhile would like to get coffee at the coho and chill with mike. unf. mike is not at his computer, and cannot pick up phone and plea for salvation with jenny and annoying entourage in room. perhaps i'll just go wander the campus. is only 7:45... could go return seminar course reader... yes. should do that. what fun. perhaps afterward will locate alleged """boyfriend""". that's it, i'm off.

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