haven't posted for awhile. i don't know why, exactly. let's see. it was, all in all, a great weekend, considering the fact that mikey was out of town :( which would usually cause the weekend to have a Propensity to Suck (tm). anyway, it was roomie heather's birthday on saturday, so we had cake and a party... which was fun. we got all dressed up cute and went out to SAE, which was actually a decent party. usually frat parties suck, and i wonder why the hell i ever end up going. but this one was not just decent but good. it wasn't too crowded at the beginning (they had a list, which means if you're a guy, you're screwed, but if you're a girl you take off your jacket and ask them if they're sure your name isn't on the list.) which was cool. the beer was shitty, of course, but they were making sno-cones (!) with vodka in them. wow, that was good. an awesome idea. they also were doing shots through an ice sculpture, which was a really neat idea. there was styrofoam all over the floor too, giving it a snowy sort of theme. anyway, the party was fun. the entertainment highlight of the evening was totally freak dancing with some kid from my ihum section. i think it was just the pleather pants. he couldn't keep his hands off them. (: weee pleather! when i came home i ended up watching part of Lord of the Rings on jenny's computer, which was cool. she's downloaded 2/3 of the movie, so I watched the middle third (the first one is what she doesn't have yet).

all in all, a successful weekend, and a good birthday for heather. hopefully next weekend will be just as good (special dinner! stomp! weeee!) or better. (: it'll be better, because i can spend time with mikey. yay!

Ok, time to study japanese. nihongo o benkyoosuru. nihongo o benkyooshinakatta.

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