today... ahh, today. did anything exciting happen? let's see. japanese this morning, mikey got some points by bringing me tea. that was super-nice of him. it was delicious tea. (: i do love tea, especially when i'm sick. japanese class, other than the tea, was uneventful. then i went to ihum lecture. i realize now that i haven't blogged about ihum yet. this quarter i'm taking "power and passion: women and men from the bible to beckett." the professor is marsh mccall. he's pretty pompous. invokes the wrath of yahweh frequently etc. anyway, yeah. he's a bit of an ass. so i sat through that. this afternoon i had math section with joe the adorable math ta. he's a grad student. lyndsie and i sit there in class and go "awwww!" at him because he's an adorable little math guy. it's funny. then i had ihum section. enough said.

after class i went over to narnia and hung with mikey a little. we watched clue. what a classic movie. and by "classic" i mean "so stupid it's brilliant." it has such glitteringly classic lines as: "I'm a plant." "I thought men like you were called a fruit." ... "Communism was only a red herring!" ... "I'm going home to sleep with my wife!" yeah. it's a good movie. so mikey's gone for the weekend, snowboarding again, the little bastard. which means i have the weekend to myself. i have no idea what i'm going to do. saturday night, one act plays perhaps. work on the dorm newsletter, likely. study japanese, read tolkien (perhaps start unfinished tales?) (what would happen if i was done reading the unfinished tales? "i finished the unfinished tales." hmm...). do math. ponder ihum paperage. hmmmm. well, i'm sure i'll be bored and lonely, but i'll probably get shitloads done.

tomorrow is friday. 2 classes: japanese and math. i can handle that. i might even go to the 11am japanese, for the sake of some sleep. not much incentive to go to the 10am, when mikey's off snowboarding. :P

this is a long blog.

hmm. i suppose i should start thinking about spring break. any suggestions?

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