oh, guess what movie I get to go see again with lauren... yay! LotR! yay!
mmm... frodo... mmm... legolas... mmm... aragorn... mmm...

Went on a Smashing Pumpkins downloading binge.. got shitloads from morpheus. what fun. i do think that sp is one of the greatest bands that our generation has known. too bad the bastards broke up. (and by "bastards" i mean "bastards and a bitch".) their music speaks for those of us who aren't *quite* generation x... and too old to be generation y...

isn't it funny the way they "name" generations, and attempt to clump people into these neat little boxes, even though people are born not in generations but in a continuum? maybe they should just call us "children of the 80's." but sp speaks more for "children of the late 70's to mid-80's". there we go.

poll: if the fifties ended when kennedy was assassinated, the sixties ended with woodstock, the seventies with the death of disco... what killed the 80's? what about the 90's? did the 90's end on september 11?

i'm tempted to say that the 90's started the day kurt cobain killed himself...? what is the defining moment of that decade?

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