Considering unmarrying my blog from my webpage, since i've made so many changes to the blog template that i really don't feel like making to the template i publish the rest of my site on. especially since i don't have a template, just about twelve different html files. if i were really good i'd do it in frames, or even CSS, but i'm not really good. i think i will learn CSS this spring or summer. hmm. i think i might like this new look... perhaps, i'll come up with something nifty to go down the side... like a graphic or something... hmm. just something to ponder. that's right, i'm bored again, having finished all three Lord of the Rings books... and Fellowship and selections from Return again... trying to decide whether Frodo fell to the Ring in the end. It's too vague. But i suppose that's the way Tolkien intended it. what a genius.

"confusion is a definite direction." -splendid

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