i thought weekends were for rest

good fracking gods i am tired.
i have been exceptionally productive this weekend - like, scary-productive maybe-shes-crazy bipolar-but-clearly-in-a-manic-phase type of productive.
i think i've finally cracked the story behind my hugenormous mapping project that i've been working on for the past year+. and what i'm cracking open appears to be a story that's never been told before... so i'm exhilirated, bewildered, and a bit dizzy.
but i have about 10 pages of notes, plus 6 text files of possible parts of papers (rough first verbal diarrhea, but words output to digital format nonetheless) and that's not even counting the hundreds of gels i was flipping through, or the two detailed chromosome maps i've been annotating in color-coded sharpie.
look! random desk shot! next thing i'll be posting pictures of my cat on the internet. (oh wait.)

unfortunately, i didn't do shit for either of my classes the whole weekend. i worked on my research project from 10 AM to 1 AM (with maybe 2 hours of breaks cumulative) yesterday, and today it's been less intense, but i've put in at least 11 hours of sometimes half-assed note-consolidation and cross-referencing. but i've convinced myself of what my data is telling me, and i'm almost ready to communicate my ideas to my postdoc mentor and my PI. not quite though...

i'm not ready to publish anything public on this, but i believe that i have my hands on something extraordinary. not earth-shaking or nobel-winning by any means... but significant. which makes me feel really, really good.

good, and tired.

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