i'm a noid today

maybe it's the lack of sunshine, or maybe it's just random fluctuations, but i have to say that today was a high for me on the annoy-o-meter. it may have started in my biochem section, which is a complete waste of 50 minutes because my ta doesn't know what the hell he's talking about and doesn't really care, and because there's one Annoying Question Girl in my section (you know the type). it doesn't help that she speaks in this super-breathy, high-pitched voice that is Just. So. Subservient. it makes my skin crawl. AND! she raises her hand! who does that??? in a section of less than 10 people, don't you think you could just... say it? waaaaaagh.

it may have been the biochem section, or it could also have started earlier, when i was loading a gel and it just ripped in half. straight down the bottom row of wells. fortunately i noticed before i filled it with my DNA samples; but i wasn't able to load the bottom row of the gel, so i only got half the data i should have, and have to run another gel tomorrow to get the other half.

it also could have been earlier when i was setting up the PCR that i later loaded into a gel. i was going through the freezer finding all the DNA samples i needed, when a rack of tubes that had been just stuck onto a shelf came crashing down, spilling tubes everywhere. tubes go in boxes before they go in the freezer, or at least they should in order to prevent accidents like that one. the culprit was politely informed of the situation, but - of course, because this is seattle and we all do this - i was super-nice about it, though 30 minutes later i had been cursing and fuming. picking up 80 1.5-ml tubes that have scattered across the floor? not fun.

on the other hand, i did get data today, and the marker i got data from is very close to my mutation.... closer than any other i've tried so far. which is good. i need to run more samples to determine if it's on the other side of the mutation from my current closest marker, which would be good, or if it's on the same side but that much closer, which is actually also not bad. data is always good, especially when it doesn't make you go "WTF??"

what it boils down to is that i'm exhausted, mentally and emotionally. i have the urge go bury myself under the covers and let it all go away. but i have errands that aren't going to run themselves... sigh.

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