let's blame the victim!

they can't be serious: Seed is reporting that apparently Africa isn't doing enough to stem climate change. AFRICA. you know, that continent with all those gas-guzzling SUVs, that air-travel-addicted populace, their bustling industries, and their ample cash flow. jeez, really, they ought to be doing more, like turning off the lights when they leave the room or NOT BREATHING (which, for many Africans, might be the only way they possibly could decrease their carbon footprint). Of course. let's all point our fingers at africa, and say, until those guys in Ethiopia get their CO2 emissions down, we don't have to do SHIT.

Those assholes over in tuvalu should think about switching to Priuses, too. geez. can't these people do more to stop their own destruction? no? well, i guess we can't do anything either.

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