theobromide saturation

last night i wrote a nice lengthy, thoughtful post, and just as i went to publish it safari crashed. i'm only using safari because firefox 2 doesn't work on my machine - it just randomly hangs and refuses to force quit, and crashes the finder, so i have to hard reset - not cool. what's the deal, is my g4 architecture really that outdated? i know i could just roll back to firefox 1.5.8 or whatever, but i'm lazy, and safari works okay... but it's just little things. sigh. hopefully firefox will work.....

so it's easter, which means i'm stuffed full of food and family and chocolate. halfway through my last cadbury creme egg... but not even halfway through the chocolate. hell, even the bunny has everything but the ears. i am really going to have to get into the habit of running. and i am seriously thinking of buying a bike, and have actually tried a couple of times on craigslist, but craigslist users are flakes. i'll probably pop in to recycled cycles next time it's sunny, if i don't hear back about the 54cm vintage sekai in "good condition" in the u-district in the next day or two.

my productive streak has slowed this weekend... i've gotten nearly nothing done. i found a paper that i perceived to be scooping my research, from 2000, online on saturday and have been trying to absorb the results and conclusions they draw. upon further reflection, it's not what my data is showing, so my story is still new, but it's got some solid precedence in the literature. which is good... i guess.

i'm starting to get a small sense of dread for graduation. it's dawned on me that after i graduate, both the university and my parents are going to stop giving me free money. so i need to find someone else to give me money... ideally to do my own research (under someone's mentorship, of course)...

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