one thing that always throws me for a loop is meeting someone that i realize is smarter than me.

i know it's uncouth to discuss such things as intelligence, but it's a fact that there is a wide range of human intellectual abilities, as there is a vast range of human abilities in nearly every aspect of life. and, well, i know all too well exactly where i fall on that range.

it's also not polite to discuss mental illness, but i think it's important to point out here the overlapping ground in both these categories. it's widely accepted that there's a "fine line between genius and insanity," but just how fine is that line, and how closely can one tread to the line without crossing over to the other side? story at 11 - don't go away!

for something that closely parallels my feelings at not infrequent times, mimi smartypants will do nicely.

also, awesome! this is a webcomic in a slightly different style, favoring the aesthetic of the comic book format* but addressing similar geeky issues as xkcd:

also awesome: the unicorns.

*shit! need to run down to comic store and buy buffy #2 before they run out!

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waking jonas said...

yes and there are various other comics in my comic list that are also hilarous. ;)