i am a perl goddess.

first programming assignment for genome informatics: done, with almost 2 days to spare.

total time to run program, which has order of O(m*n), on large test file: 58 minutes.

number of biochem midterms to study for: 1.
days until said midterm: 1.5.

days until graduation: 54.


Mike said...

The Uses-Perl-In-Everyday-Work dude sez: Awesome!

We should hang out next time I'm in Seattle. I am there fairly often... enough that I apparently see Eric O. at random bus-stop meetings.

kat said...

yes, we should. it's your responsibility to call me when you're in town, as i am not psychic. but i'd love to see you.

Mike said...

I am not psychic either, but if I sense that my essence is headed that way, I will send some brain-waves your way.