miles today: 8ish. total this week: >40. go me.

also this weekend: got both programming assignments for genome informatics working. one of the programs took over an hour to run on the sample file they gave us - damn file had somewhere around 500 entries, each more than 100 amino acids long. couple this with an algorithm of O(n^2) efficiency, and you keep a G4 busy for awhile.

kind of did my taxes. i made a mistake on one sheet and so i need to print out another copy, but they're virtually done. nothing paid, nothing owed, no refund... this is what happens when one makes less than $800 in a year and is claimed as a dependent. this is certainly the last year that'll be true, and next year i'll probably have real income, so it'll be a different story.

next: study biochem. i have a damn midterm on wednesday... how is it time for midterms already? on another, scary note: 55 days until graduation. less than 2 months left in my undergrad career. i really should start studying for the GREs. i figure, i'll take the biochemistry/cell/molecular biology one right after graduation, or even slightly before. then i'll cram for the generals and take it in july or august.

ok, time to study. g proteins and tyrosine kinases and signaling cascades, oh my!

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