so totally wrong

on the biochem midterm today, there was a question in which it is insinuated that the exam taker's father not only takes viagra, but has admitted this to said exam-taker. sorry, dad, TOO MUCH FUCKING INFORMATION NEXT QUESTION.

it was also a flawed question because it said that the dentist was going to administer nitric oxide (NO) as an anaesthetic. dad, you need a new dentist. a dentist should know the difference between NO and NO2. one will make you goofy and dissociated, the other will GIVE YOU AN ERECTION. (actually, it wouldn't, because NO only makes it a short distance before it's oxidized to nitrites and nitrates, and would never make it from your lungs into your groin.) but it certainly won't do anything to make you feel less pain. bad dentist, back to basic chemistry.

can i forget this stuff yet? oh yeah, i have to take the biochem GRE.

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