looking back over that last post, i'm reminded of something my mom said once about a picture of me she found on the internet: "don't let anyone who doesn't know how pretty you are see that." so, just in case you weren't aware of the hotness that is me, i present my latest wall-art homage to narcissism:
in the background, that's a map of titan. fracking sweet.
in other, unrelated gripes: i hate that my cat drinks out of my water glasses which i leave sitting around. i just finished off a glass of water that had been sitting on my desk overnight, and now my tongue and esophagus are tingling (mild cat allergy). damn you and your antigens which cause my body to mount a histamine response!
in potty-training updates, we're moving along slowly but surely. she doesn't like the fact that there's now a big gaping hole in her litter box, especially since it's so dark in there. but she's getting used to it. my gripe is that now she can fling litter into the toilet, and i end up flushing quite a bit of litter. i guess it's some consolation that when we finish this i'll never have to buy litter again...

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