obligatory bike post*

i went for a ride today, and i went further up the burke-gilman than i'd ever gone before... by far. (which isn't surprising considering i just got my bike, and i really hadn't explored it on foot beyond my usual stomping grounds.) i rode from the lab up to 112th street, when i turned around. it was a good ride, and i could have gone further if it hadn't been for the gel i was running at the lab (which turned out completely noninformative, boo). i don't know for sure, but i'm guessing it was around 7 miles each way, making today a 15-mile day. woohoo!

now i need to find more places to go. there used to be a map outside our old lab with bike routes in seattle, but since we moved i'm not sure where it went. so where are the best places to go without too many hills?

i took this picture on my ride, somewhere around 100th, where you can see the lake from the trail.

*or, "in which this starts to sound like my ex boyfriend's blog"

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waking jonas said...

ah ok. i saw this photo on flickr and i figured it was from the burke gilman. i've gone down to somewhere around 140th before turning around. it's a gorgeous ride, but it's kinda bumpy because of all the tree roots. we're looking for not-so-hilly routes too. i've been down towards fremont twice and i think we're going all the way to ballard tomorrow. i hear marymoor is great, and mercer island has a nice trail. i've also heard that there is a trail that goes all the way around lake washington.

we talked about doing the skagit valley tulip fields. tulips are usually for old people but tessas like them too.