for the love of god

tell Bush to sign the bill.

We all know he's going to veto it anyway, but it's worth a shot to sign this petition (yes, it'll put you on the Edwards campaign mailing list, but there are worse fates) and urge Bush to end the war. More importantly, though, this petition urges Democratic leaders in Congress to not back down and give Bush the bill he wants (aka the bill they just passed, minus the timetable for leaving Iraq), but instead, demand accountability from the Decider in Chief for vetoing a bill which fully supported our troops.

Cheney is a War Profiteer, and Bush is his puppet. We must remove these thugs from office. They have already irreparably damaged our Constitution... it's time to stand firm and say NO to this administration.

So please, sign the petition, call your congressperson, email your senator, whatever it takes. It's time to END THIS WAR and the occupation of the White House by thugs and cronies.

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