sakura & sunshine

i hesitate to say it, but it seems like the weather in seattle has hit a turning point. it's supposed to hit 60 today, and the sun is shining. hooray!
and while the cherry blossoms in front of my apartment are now just a pile of pink petals (rapidly turning brown) on the sidewalk and the trees are leafing out, the trees down by the waterfront below the health sciences building are in full force. i stopped to snap a few shots yesterday on my way from one lab to another... data can always wait for sunshine and photography.
in other news... battlestar galactica! the season finale was a-fracking-mazing. i'm in the process of re-watching season 3 - just finished episode 4 last night - and in the interest of avoiding getting spoilerrific for my lovely readers who have not seen it yet, let's just say that information learned in that episode throws new light on many of the events earlier in the season. i'm not sure i'm super-stoked about the identities of the 4 cylons revealed at the end of the episode - but it's an interesting twist and i'm definitely holding my breath for season 4 (DAMN them for making us wait until Jan 2008!). i think i might get the miniseries and seasons 1 and 2 from netflix soon.... rewatch the whole thing to tide myself over.

and in other geeky news, i got my issue of Buffy Season 8 #1 yesterday and quickly devoured it. way too short. but hey, joss & co have figured out a way to get me to shell out $3.50 a month for the next couple of years, since you bet your ass i'l be reading the whole series.

in other, other news: t minus 72 days until graduation!! fracking finally.


Eric said...

i thought season 3 started sucking hardcore after the first few episodes ... the finale wasn't bad but still wasn't that great imo (especially part 1)

kat said...

what didn't you like about it? i was on the edge of my seat every episode! which is what i watch BSG for.