today has certainly been a day. it's a bit chilly out, which is a tad on the annoying side, especially since i wanted to wear my little denim miniskirt. but no, i was forced to wear my old blue jeans and a 3/4 length sleeve shirt... and we call this spring quarter. bah.

pwr library orientation proved nearly useless... since my research paper is going to be on blogging, there arent' exactly annals of blogs hidden deep within the stacks, and most every article ever published on it, i can find online either through the plain old internet or through stanford's online databases. that being said, however, there's a multitude of resources right at my fingertips (hehe, literally. i love cliches that work...) that i can use... i sincerely doubt that lack of resources will be a problem for this paper, like i was initially concerned about.

so my headache and tension has finally gone away. no more grinding my teeth or anything. i suppose it's indicative of the vast amounts of stress that have been lifted, in one way or another, from my shoulders in the last week. i still have an ihum paper and a pwr paper and some other shit to do, but it's not nearly as much as last week, what with ME101 finished for now, and just generally a more positive outlook on life.

maybe sometime soon i'll be able to resume formulating my ideas on divinity. i've gotten a couple of flashes of insight over the last week or so.

totemo ii, kono jinsei wa.

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