mmm, profros... them's good eating, as the branner anner says...

so the campus is crawling with them. it's kinda funny, playing "pick out the profro." it's easier than you'd think... there are people running around wiht red folders (dead giveaway), clueless expressions, no bikes, maps, etc... they stand out. it's entertaining.

ankle still hurts, a bit worse today. i should go to cowell tomorrow (mike? car? :) and get it x-rayed... i wonder if i could get my money back for the windsurfing class if it turns out to be broken. that's something to ask them about this afternoon. i honestly don't think it's swollen enough to be broken, though it could be a stress fracture or something (but i'm not a runner and i eat lots of calcium...) who knows. for the time being, i'll just keep it iced and attempt to rest it. i've determined that although skateboarding is bad for it, each push is as bad as 2 or 3 steps, and since you push much less than 2-3 steps worth of distance, then it's better for me. especially on my way home, when i rarely have to touch the pavement at all, because it's so downhill.

mmm, don't expect too much webcam action, since there's a profro living in here. she might want to change in privacy, so i'm gonna keep it off while i'm not in here. sorry. (:

last night we went to the coho and heard a band called pseudopod. they were totally good. i ended up buying a cd and a t-shirt 'cause they were so good... i'm listening to it right now. evidently these guys play at stanford a lot, so hopefully i'll get to see them again. very entertaining.

ok, it's lunch time.

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