ahh, good old blog-neglecting.

i found out that my mom likes to read this. at first i viewed this as a problem. but, i've decided to embrace this. hi, mom. also, if you read this, then you can't gripe that i dont' write enough, because you know what i've been up to. ha, so there. :P

today... today today today. today was tuesday... japanese, ihum, me101. well, japanese, ihum lecture, lunch, gym, me101. throw a "shower" in there between gym and me101. hmm. then some "dinner." then some work, and chilling with jamie at the CoPo. i ate a slice and a half of nasty pizza and drank a nasty pearl milk tea. like, the pearls were *crunchy*. i blame mike osofsky. he's satan. and a fartmonger.

anywho. me101 looks like it's going to be the best class ever. i'm definitely enjoying it.

painful thing: when a sunburn itches, so you scratch it. it hurts so good.

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