this evening, a post in the style of uber.nu (mostly because that's what i've been wasting the last half-hour reading. when i should be writing a paper for my "PWR" class.)

It all started with the trip home from the beach this afternoon. Someone, i don't remember who, mentioned in'n'out. Dirty bastard. If they just knew what it would lead to, then they'd be sorry. so after I got home i found a horrendous craving for said california-based burger joint, and went with mikey to get some in'n'out. i ordered a cheeseburger, animal style, and a neapolitan shake. mmm, shakes. i'm convinced they don't use real milk in those, because they never seem to trigger my lactose-intolerant tendencies. (i know, i know, i run around preaching the virtues of tolerance and here i am, i can't even stand fucking lactose! jesus! and i call myself a liberal.) but anyway, i AM, however, convinced that either beaches or in'n'out burgers contain tryptophan, and here is my reasoning: i fell asleep not once but twice between dinner and right now. after we got in'n'out, mike and i wrote a script for our FUCKING japanese class. our FUCKING japanese class forces us to do a skit once a quarter. but oh, since this is third-quarter, we're sure you kids can handle doing two skits this quarter. Hey, let's throw the first one at you right away! yeah! that's a great idea. So we wrote the script for our FUCKING japanese class and went to take a nap, setting the alarm before we fell asleep. we woke up at 9:30 and proceeded to go to "Flicks." now, for those of you who are not of the Stanford ilk, "flicks" is basically a sunday-night opportunity for those people who slipped through the admissions process and, in order to keep from tipping off Mamlet, oppress their stupid comments 165 hours out of the week, to let it all out and get into screaming matches during such quality films as "Gosford Park", which was tonight's feature. I was awake for the first hour or so of this movie, set in the 40's in England among people with undiscernable accents. After that, however, the tryptophan, either from the beach, the in'n'out, or the movie, kicked in, and i was out cold until approximately 10 minutes from the end. All in all, not a bad way to watch that movie, really.

i just wish i'd fallen asleep sooner.

random sidenote: my roommate and her boyfriend are like fucking rabbits. i don't understand it.

kat reinhart is writing this under the influence of benadryl, and fully intends to pass out before she climbs the agonizing five feet into her bed.

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