ahh, sunday morning... lazy sunday morning, after having gone to bed at 4:00. eh, it's all good. i didn't get tired until then anyway.

today, i have the following shit to do: me101, pwr outline, japanese vocab quiz, and some ihum reading. perhaps i'll go to the gym to do the ihum... nah. i'm still sore from friday's windsurfing. which was, by the way, incredibly fun but also incredibly tiring. i ended up having to swim all the way back to shore from the other side of the lake which was a bit of a pain in the ass. even more of a pain in the pectoral muscles. have you ever tried to swim an 8-foot boat and 8-foot sail more than 100 yards? didn't think so. take my word for it... it's hard.

yesterday was big me work day. i think we got a lot done. the launch ramp is just about finished, now all we have to do is figure out a hook and string system that won't get tangled at the end of the ramp, and build something to get the ball from the pitcher into the airplane. it shouldn't be too difficult, really, but it needs to get done. fortunately the project isn't due until thursday (they pushed the date back, thankfully) so we have time. i think we're doing well on time.

mmm... time to shower, and then work.

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