ahh, the three b's of allergy season: benadryl, blogging, and bed. and in that order, too. 2 things on my blog agenda for tonight: whether i should write my pwr research paper on blogs, and what domain name i should register for my personal use.

the pwr research paper. i think that there is sufficient material out there for me to write 10 to 15 pages on blogs... the only problem is, one of the restrictions on the assignment is that no more than one quarter of your sources can be online. i mean, print media has chronicled the blog phenomenon, but since it's a revolution of the internet, the best reference is the internet itself. i wonder if i could talk to my pwr teacher about this and see if i could have that rule not apply to me because of the nature of the content of my paper. holy shit, that sentence had a lot of prepositional phrases.

i've also been thinking about running my own vanity site. i think i want to have www.kattaca.com. kind of like the movie, only less eugenic. are there any better suggestions? of course, ideally, i won't be registering this for a few years, but there's the question, will the name be available in a few years? should i just go ahead and establish my presence now? or should i set up a server from my own computer, kattaca.stanford.edu? that might be the best idea. the problem is that registering domain names is so goddamn expensive, and it's such a nonconcrete good... i don't understand why i should pay as much as $35 a year so that i can have www.kattaca.com be my own. it seems to me that you should find a domain name you want and then go to a governmental agency and pay a $5 fee to have the domain registered to you, and then deal with the server and shit. goddamn internet entrepeneurs. the good thing, however, is that kattaca.com hasn't been bought up by one of those asshole domain squatters and i can register it with whomever i please.

i've started having random strokes of inspiration - just catchphrases that may someday end up as the lead-ins to great blog posts. the only problem with these is that they usually happen at night, when i'm in bed... and it's just rarely worth it to get up to write it down, so the thought gets lost. therefore, i'm going to install a post-it and pen system on the wall next to my bed specifically for those moments and others when you need to write something down from bed. i'm excited.

i feel that the benadryl is starting to kick in. yay, bedtime! yay, not doing all your homework at night! yay, saving some for the afternoon! yay yay!

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