ah, i feel obligated a little bit to blog. the shit went down today for my me101 project... literally down... the project didn't so much work the way it had so many times before. unfortunately. but since performance is only 20% of the grade i think we'll do alright.

i just slept for a few hours (how many, i have no idea) on the couch, so i think i'm going to go to bed now and get up when i get up, and hope my profro gets here or whatever. i'm gonna feel pretty bad if she gets lost 'cause i didn't answer the phone... so i'm going to sleep and hope that i get up early and more coherent. all nighters are just a bad idea.

oh, and if you're bored, check out www.mp3.com/wideeyed. yeah, future stanford kiddo, who profro-ed in branner... the mp3's are low quality but if you can get past that then there's some quality music to be heard. very dashboard-influenced... of course that's what i need right now. (while you're at it, visit her blog too... yaaaaay!


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