i had a most odd dream last night.

the dream was that we were going to go on a picnic, just like five people, me, mike, and 3 unidentified people that i seemed to know... one of them might have been harlen, but i'm not sure. and that it was a huge production. we had to meet in the middle of wilbur field, first off, and it was an odyssey because there were all sorts of administrators and tourists crowding the field. so we decided to meet in the unidentified guy's room, so we all went in there (our numbers were rising by this point) anyway something about harlen's keys caused this huge alarm to go off throughout the dorm we were in (it might have been in wilbur, the stairs were yellow like the ones in wilbur and it wasn't as sterile as stern. it would also have to be on east wilbur because of the way the stairs pointed... arroyo or cedro or j-ro or okada? who knows) so he was like, ok, i'll leave, you guys go without me. (as soon as he left the alarm stopped.) but the room was too crowded, there were too many people trying to come along, so we decided to go outside again. we were walking across the field when an unnamed administrator suspiciously asked us what we were doing. we told him, "we're, um... going on a picnic!" I had a bagel with cream cheese wrapped in a napkin in my hand. he said to have fun, unless we for some reason needed a clown to go along with us, in which case he would perform those duties. well it seems we already had a clown, so the drunken administrator waved bye-bye. suddenly in a window above the lawn (this had at this point turned to something that looked vaguely like the lawn in front of branner, and the window was one of the 2nd floor quads'.) opened and out leaned a much-fatter, much-younger, pot-head (and pot-bellied) ronald behrends. i have no idea how ronnie b came in, but i remember he said something about us finally getting an "apple juice party" we'd been promised and poured a bottle of martinelli's into a very large beaker that someone else was carrying (which incidentally already was about half-full of martinelli's...??) then we finally started walking away and i woke up.

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