dear god, me101 is going to be the best class ever.

i tried on bowls as hats at Secret Safeway last night. me, standing in the aisle, hoping that an employee wont' come around the corner and look at me funny as i decide which bowl feels the best on my head...

...and i have made myself an iHat. it's great. all it needs is an LED on-light, and a few more final touches, and to be glued together once and for all.

too much bloody fun.

:( i don't want to go to ihum section now, but i have to. eh, oh well. i will survive... theoretically. oh, and i haven't read any of dante's inferno yet. too busy creating ihats. hehe.

oh, and mike said it: the board's name is ryoko... it means "journey" or "path" in japanese. (: weeee!

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