oh, i almost forgot how much i love california in the morning.

i woke up this morning next to mike, which is in and of itself a great feeling, but the window was open and there was a tiny cool breeze blowing in on us. the sun was shining. i sat up and peered out the window and at that moment i had one of those fleeting feelings where you know you're in the right place. one of those "this is why i came to college in california" moments.

i'd also forgotten how nice it is to wake up in the morning, instead of the afternoon. my body is still on central time, so i woke up at about 8 and decided that it was time to get up. it's so easy to roll out of bed when the weather's perfect and you have stuff to do.

i signed up to take me101. i think that class is going to be an ass-kicker. i have a feeling i'm going to enjoy it very much. and rolf is teaching it... rolf faste, the head of the product design program. so i'll get to meet my future advisor. hopefully i'll be able to declare this quarter and be done with the advisor i have that does nothing. not that i really need him to do anything, but still. *sigh*

what a gorgeous day.

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