stupid blogger, being all down and shit yesterday... stupid hackers. :P

went to see lord of the rings again.. it was good, maybe even better, the second time around. went with colin, it was nice to see him again... even if he talked about war tactics most of the time. i smiled and nodded. he hasn't read the LotR trilogy but he appreciates epic literature and consequently highly enjoyed the movie. the girl i sat next to, however, doesn't... and is a moron. she talked through the entire damn thing. like after the beginning sequence about the ring was over she was like, that was a good movie, let's go now. and kept making wise-ass cracks through the entire film. it got a little annoying. and then at the end, she screamed "WHAT??" as if she were expecting them to get to Mt. Doom and destroy the ring in *this* book (there was a book?). um, what would the other two be about then, huh? yeah, that's what i thought. hmm. well, anyway, i think it's time i read the two towers and maybe even the return of the king. i have to wait for will to get up because they're in his room... stupid me, getting up all early and shit.

so yesterday i tried to do this thing called "exercise" but it was a complete failure. i remembered why i hate running outdoors - i can't do it. when it's cold, i get this stupid thing called "exercise-induced asthma" which sucks ass and makes me hurt all over. so i ran a little over a half-mile and came back in utter pain. wasn't sure i'd recover. fortunately i did. i need to find some other method of exercise until i get to school. like step aerobics or something. lol. i could watch an aerobics video and "work it." that'd be funny. hehe.

i had a dream last night but unfortunately i can't remember what it was about. dammit, i should remember these things more often. :P

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