So I'm in the middle of packing to go home for 3 weeks... 3 weeks with my family. Yikes, dude. Yikes. I dunno how i'm going to be able to stay sane during that... hmm. I'm going to miss all my friends here... heather, becky, nicole, katie... mike... yeah. especially mike. he's great. (: it's only 3 weeks though, i can do it... we can do it... won't be a problem. plus, i'll get to see all my at-home friends... barbara, nathan, lizzie, big jon, jenny, natalie, brandon and nathan, everyone... it'll be cool. hopefully. nathan wants to get trashed with me... that might be fun, if we can figure out how to pull it off. and i'll get to see my sister.. i miss carrie... she's awesome. and the rest of my family too... it'll be cool. i suppose going home won't be bad, just different. i'm gonna miss everyone here, and this place, something wicked though. it'll be nice to take a vacation, but it'll be super-nice to come back here afterwards, have it be a new quarter, with new classes, and new people to see, and old people to see, and not have to worry about work for awhile. i need the vacation, but i need the return after the vacation even more. but to have one you must have the other, so it's not bad. i'll survive. plus, it'll be christmas. i like christmas.

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