mmm. going today to see LotR for the third time. cool. it'll be fun. i love that movie, love love love. i think i should see it in the theater more than i saw star wars episode one... because LotR was waaaay better. sooo, that means i'll have to see it at least eight times. unfortunately i dunno if that's going to happen, with me being a college student and not so much having movie theaters at my disposal. maybe they'll show it at flicks. that'd rule. so if you count today that'll be four. wee.

so mom's trying to get me to buy tickets home for spring break. i'd really rather do something else for spring break... being at home is going to suck, because it's a different break from all of my friends, and even my mom and sister. so i'd sit on my ass at home all week. or work at aundrea's. which would be money, but no fun. :P stupid weird-ass spring break.


weee lord of the rings! weee!

and here, for your viewing pleasure:

mmm, frodo... mmm

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