Ahh, just read back through all my friends' blogs... it's interesting how style varies. Some of you tell it like it is, a daily narrative, from a few quips about your doings to pages upon pages of everything you did that day. Some of you are more poetic in your posts... with a writing style I wish I could use, flowing sentences and really cool vocabulary. Other blogs seem to be more random... a few words that hint at what went on in your day that I wonder if I could piece together had I not been there and experienced it with you.

I wonder why I did not discover the guitar as a musical instrument earlier. Perhaps it's just because I never had one... but I've been playing my sister's guitar for approximately a week now, and i'm already pretty good, if i may say so. I mean, obviously not GOOD, the kind of good that would take years to cultivate, and i obviously still suck, but for having played for just a week I'd say i'm good. It's fun.

songs i have learned:
::Everlong (foo fighters) (that was with in a day!)
::Wonderwall (oasis)
::Crash into Me (dave matthews)(sorta... it's a bitch on the pinky)
::Hang (matchbox twenty) (but i have to look at the cheat sheet for that one, it's kinda complicated)
::the power chords to Closing Time (semisonic)... it's good fun. weeee!

Why is it that I feel like I have nothing intelligent to say when I open the blogger window?

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