i suppose i should blog, even though i'd really just rather go to bed.

went driving with andrew, barbara, mike wallace. wallace drove. he has a mustang. back seat of mustang is small, very small.
went to eatzi's for dinner. that's this little grocery-store-type-thing with super-good food and super-high prices. but it's gourmet. and yummy. so we bought stuff. brought it back here and moped about. then we went driving.
went to sonic, got ice cream. drove. drove. somewhere in here barbara revealed that she didn't know what a malt was. tried to tell her it was like what's in the middle of a whopper. she was thinking burger king whoppers, not chocolate whoppers. so we went to an albertsons and bought whoppers. barbara didn't like them. so we drove. got lost. kept driving. ended up in fort worth. drove north. passed 1709. ended up in denton. took I-35 back south through lewisville. SNOW in denton and lewisville. Hopefully will come through S-town soon. i love waking up to whiteness where there had been green and brown. it's beautiful.
yes. i want to sleep.

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