So yeah, back home and everything. Haven't seen any friends, except for andrew who stopped by on friday on his way from tech in lubbock to his parent's
new house in houston. haven't quite decided how i feel about being home either. kinda nice to have a mom around, except when she's yelling at me for this or that. not that i missed having to do the dishes and stuff... the food's better here, but i haven't really been able to enjoy it because of this cold, which my roommate heather was kind enough to pass along onto me before break. I think I'm getting better though because i can swallow again. throat isn't sore anymore, really... just kinda lumpy. a bit scratchy too. got a cough, but i think i'm over the contagiousness thing. eh.

got grades for japanese (a-, though i dont' know quite why...) and calc (a) and am happy about both... yay. parents were pleased with the calc grade, had been expecting a b. (: weee!


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