daily ranting time

yes, it's time for that daily avoidance mechanism known as... blogging!
things to rant about: my roommate jenny. dining hall food. secret snowflake. annoying kids in my dorm. how much i hurt after working out on monday night.

jenny. her music. it pisses me off. she seems to be able to work with an amazing amount of noise in the room. i have no idea how she does it. also, she and her friends like to come in here and make noise while i'm trying to work, to no avail. a few nights ago we had the whole fuckin' basketball team again (sans chris, of course, because chris is frightened by jenny) (okay, so it wasn't the whole basketball team, it was just josh and rob, but still.) as well as ogonna and this one girl that jenny is friends with named ahimsa. it's a cool name, means nonviolence toward all... it kinda annoys me though, because she's annoying. i just want to ask her, do you know what your fucking name means? no? you should. and if she does, then why the fuck are you not a vegan?? grr. so anyway, everyone likes to come in here and turn up the rap music really loud and dance... never mind the fact that i'm sitting at my desk slaving over a problem set. problem sets are a foreign concept to this group. homework? what's that? let's go make noise, because surely if we're not doing homework then no one else is...
so tonight, ahimsa shows up and i'm just like, oh god, here goes. the two of them just make some noise for a few minutes and then jenny announces that she's going to some group called "cardinal life" which is evidently some sort of get-together for christians... and so she and ahisma leave, music still full fucking blast. that mystifies me. WHY THE FUCK DO YOU NOT TURN IT OFF WHEN YOU LEAVE THE FUCKING ROOM?? DO YOU HAVE TO HEAR IT AS YOU WALK DOWN THE HALL?? (sorry for yelling. this bothers me though.) *sob*

after that rant, i don't feel like ranting about anything else.

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