HOLY FUCK. I had written a whole fucking blog here and I just control-z'ed it away... why doesn't it have a fucking redo button???!!! WAAAAH! I hate myself. I hate myself. I hate myself!!!! Bangs fucking head on desk.

The point of hte blog i had written was that i am totally fucke up on caffeine right now. i'm on a majjr caffeine high. i'm making a ashitload of typos but i' dont care, i'm going to leave them in for effect. See, i'm not using the backspace button. So i got this idea to play a game of typer A but I got a 263 on it, not due to lack of speed but doe to lack ofa ccuracy. i can't type accurately right nwob ecause i'm so caffeinated. i'm also trying to come up with an idea for mysecond vagina monologue. my first one is incredible butmy secondo ne just doesn't wanna happen. I haven't got a topic. hmm.
dude, my hand is totally shaking. cool. i'm giving myself carpal tunnel syndrome as well, because i'm so wasted and because
we went laser questing.
it was cool. i shot people. but now my forearm hurts because ofthe fucking trigger (my gun was messed up and shit) it was hard. and now my forearm on my right arm hurts. and i'm not making it any better by frnatically typing... but whatever. i need to come up with a second idea for a vagina monologue; fuck.

fire trucks at wilbur? what the fuck?
alcohol poisoning? that'd suck.
so i'm holding my hand up and watching it shake. that's kinda fun, actually. damn.

i cna't think of anything else to blog about, so i'm gonna stop wasting my wrists. laters.

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