[holiday cheer]

hmmm, where can i find some holiday cheer to spread to my friends? a quick check of my source of everything, google turns up some interesting results... some recipies (sends kat on an "ooh, i meant to look up the recipe for wasabi mashed potatoes for mom, this is an interesting recipe, oops, it calls for wasabi powder, not paste... oh well, it's too late for this christmas, maybe new years" tangent), goofy tapes, an essay on "Holiday Cheer at the Pentagon" (not written this year, interestingly enough)... too much holiday cheer for me. But aren't the little polar bears on the Google logo just tooo fucking cute?? hmmm. well, no cheer there. Where could i find cheer?

"you'd better find some holiday cheer somplace. 'cause it's your fucking patriotic duty. 'n shit."

okay, i give up, just have a happy christmas. (:

(even you, joel.)

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