I never quite remember how much i dislike shopping until I go. I spent the majority of today at North East Mall (read: far as fuck away). Wandered through their inferior Nordstroms, Gap, bought a pair of jeans at Abercrombie (oh my god, did i really do that? no people, you don't understand, I've never BEEN IN an abercrombie before today, and now i own a pair of their jeans... i guess it'll go with my banana republic shirt.)... bought jamie's christmas present at B&N because i'm a slacker and buy presents after the fact... had McD's for lunch. ew.

I've become addicted to JRR Tolkien. I'm about 2/3 of the way through the first half of Return of the King... unfortunately the way the second 2 books are structured, you have to wait until the second half of the book (the second book of the book :P ) to read about frodo and sam. which sucks because they kind of got screwed over at the end of the Two Towers. so i'm lying in wait and don't know what's become of the poor hobbits, sent to Mordor... I have to read all about the war in Gondor and the siege at Minas Tirith. It's less exciting, except the part about Eowyn, the power chick who defied her father's orders and went to war with the men, that was cool. Anyway, it's good shit, yo. my new drug.

tonight: lebanese fest! jamie's mom and mrs. bu-abbud are cooking a lebanese feast for the fitzgeralds and the bu-abbuds and the halboutys and other people... they decided that i'm cool enough to be honorary lebanese, i suppose... it'll be fun. i love lebanese food! (:

I must read Rumi. I have become fascinated by Sufism.

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