ok, so the third time's the charm or something...
so i definitely saw the lord of the rings again, for the third time. taste them again, for the first time. like corn flakes, only less bland. and you don't need to sprinkle sugar on the movie to think it kicks ass.
jamie said she didn't think it lasted three whole hours, and that she was ready for another two. i told her there was another six hours coming, if you can wait a year or two. i'm not sure i can. well, maybe i can deal just watching the movie every month or so and reading the books. it's only twelve months, anyway.
casting: beautiful. i wouldn't have thought elijah wood should be frodo, but after having seen it i can't imagine it any other way. he really breathes life into the role. legolas is the best-cast character, where did they find this guy that looks like an elf? and aragorn. the eyes... viggo mortensen's eyes... they have something in them that screams "i am the lost king of gondor, and i will return!" ohh, it's great.
hmmm.. i really should re-read the book. after i finish Return of the King i will, so i can remember how much they left out of the movie. it's a lot... but i don't think it really detracted from the story.

after the movie, got coffee with jamie and mulholland and whiz-head... saw malia there. that was interesting, since jamie and i had been talking about how we kept seeing stanford people... (malia lives in otero, but she also lives in bedford which is like 20 minutes away. bedford evidently has a woeful lack of starbucks.) she's too cute. it was really funny though because she and her friend were both wearing black turtleneck sweaters and blue jeans... and so was i... so we all matched. hehe. it was funny.

after i dropped off jamie i dropped in on nathan's star wars fest... he and alex were subjecting amy to all three star wars movies in a row. she lost her star wars virginity. but of course nathan kept making jokes, and when i'm in his company i can't keep my mouth shut (i beat him to a diaper joke concerning the emperor and nursing homes), so she probably was scarred. hehe. it was cool, though, to see amy and alex again. amy's a senior this year, and alex is at trinity. yay band friends. mmm. yay return of the jedi. ewoks!

mmm. i'm liking the concept of bed right now.

"i wish the ring had never come to me. i wish none of this had happened."
"so do all who live to see such days. but it is not theirs to decide. all we have to decide is what to do with the time given us."
-frodo and gandalf

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