yaaaay! added a google search panel to the bottom of my page. this should provide hours of entertainment. actually, it's more for the visitors to my site who get here from google and since it's not a static page, they can't find what they're looking for.

i had a nice, ass-long nap this afternoon. it was wonderful. i had a dream that we "borrowed" a really nice vintage ford explorer limo from ben savage (um, ok) and traveled cross-country in it. when we tried to return it we ended up eating in the savages' "dining room" and his mother kept trying to bring us things like dom perignion and kobe beef. evidently it was a restaurant. when she offered to bring around some caviar, my dad got this really sick look on his face and said "i have to go. i'm not feeling well." and took off. then i realized that was a good idea. anyway, we tried to get our shit out of the car and ourselves out of the room the car was in (which was not the garage, but morphed from a dining room to a bedroom across the hall from ben's room...) before they realized that we'd borrowed the car. i found my keys in between several layers of window panes and then took off running. fortunately i was wearing workout clothes, so it wasn't obvious that i was trying to escape. then i woke up, just in time for dinner.

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