it's hard to believe spring break is almost over, when it feels like it's just started. it's too bad this vacation isn't long enough for me to get sick of home and want desperately to go back. well, i do want to go back, of course, but right now, just lazing around the house is not bad at all.

last night, nathan called around 5 to say he was in town unexpectedly. what the hell? evidently when he found out that i couldn't come down and visit this weekend he decided to hitch a ride up for easter weekend and hang out. a most odd move on his part, i must say. anyway, we hung out for awhile, saw Death to Smoochy, which was quite an entertaining flick. *shrug*

i started this post about 3 hours ago and then the internet went out, so i don't remember where my train of thought was going. which sucks. oh well.

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