song of the moment: "get me away from here, i'm dying" by belle and sebastian (hmm)

ah, last day before spring break. finished up my finals yesterday evening and then spent the rest of the night chilling with becky and jamie, and then hanging with mike. becky and jamie and i ate at stern and ended up talking in jamie's room until about 10. then mike and i got pearl milk tea (mike decided to try the "green bean tea", which is most odd... it actually has little green beans in it. in addition to the pearls. it's weird, dude. weird.) and rented movies. we watched High Fidelity and 10 Things I Hate About You. Actually I fell asleep halfway through 10 things (bad kat!), but he finished it. that seems to be a common theme... we watch a movie and i fall asleep halfway through, and he finishes it. hehe. perhaps if he weren't so warm and cuddly, it wouldn't happen...

anyway, tomorrow i go home. it'll be a full day of transportation, because i'm taking the caltrain. that means i need to catch the 10:01 caltrain out of PA which means I need to either leave branner around 9:20 with all my shit, or find someone to drive me up there (which would be most nice). hopefully if i have to walk it won't be raining like it is today... that would be miserable. :( anyway, though, it's spring break, and in, oh, 20 hours, i'll be "home". that's a comforting thought.

actually, i'm not looking forward to being home as intensely as i was during the week, while i was going through hell. winter quarter sucks the life out of you, i'm convinced. it's not a healthy time period. compound that with 19 units of which 5 are math 51 and you have a formula for disaster. fortunately, i think i escaped absolute fucking hell, and should have above a 3.0 for the quarter, which is good. next quarter should be entertaining, too... me101 and pwr and ihum and japanese == a masochist's paradise.

yeah, so my past few posts have been a bit discombobulated, but that's to be expected, considering the academic hell i've been living in... thank god it's over. now i just wish there were something going on on campus tonight... nothing whatsoever. it's dead. i'm going laser tagging with a bunch of guys from the 3rd floor later, which should be entertaining, and get my mind back together by being completely mindless. blah. i'm dead.

god, do i ever need this week off.

"your hair is everywhere, screaming infidelities..."
-dashboard confessional

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