mmm. another lazy spring break day. the weather has warmed up a bit, which is def. nice. it was too damn cold the past few days... it should be more than 44 in texas in march. *shrug* oh well. at least i'll be out of here in another 4 days or so.

today was a pretty good day. i got up pretty late and went out to lunch with jamie and her mom and my mom. we went to the classic cafe in southlake, which was pretty good. it was cool to hang out with them. tomorrow jamie and i are going up to the high school to do a campus chat, where we basically sit there and talk about how wonderful stanford is to anyone who will listen. that should be fun - get to harass the guidance counselors and old teachers, etc. yaaaaay.

after lunch i went over to work again... made some cash... that's good. good stuff. fun. yay. (: after work mom and i went shopping - bought 2 new pairs of shoes, one for $65 and one for $3.50. the expensive ones are most badass. they're red leather, and my mom describes them as looking like bowling shoes. i think that's a silly description, and thought they looked more 70's... but those who were around in the 70's disagree with me. whatever. they're cool shoes. the cheap ones were good old old navy flip-flops. yaaaay! i needed a pair of black ones, anyway. that was exciting.

hm. not too much else is going on around here. had yummy sandwiches for dinner. it's being a nice relaxing vacation, which is totally what i needed after that last week... finals... aaaack. :P hopefully next quarter will be better. though, honestly, i'm in no hurry to get back to the grind. i wish spring break were long enough for me to get sick of my family before going back... the 17 units i'm taking next quarter will be more than painful enough. *sigh* though i do love california... and i feel like the classes i'll be taking (other than my shitty-ass pwr assignment) will be interesting.

i think i may need medication, i'm listening to and downloading shitloads of incredibly happy pop. i mean hanson and britney spears. i wonder if this is a serious problem that will require medical attention or if i'll be okay in a few hours...

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