ahh, i just can't bring myself to do the math problem set. it's not due until thursday, but i really need to get it out of the way soon. it's amusing how i wrote out a schedule for myself for tonight, failed to leave myself any free time, and ended up not following any of it. life is funny that way.

the food in the dining hall has regressed to the point where i'm subsisting entirely upon spinach salads, soy milk, french bread, eggs, and dessert. and sometimes, not even the eggs, because they look nasty. you know, when they're not really so much egg-shaped, that's not so appealing. anyway, i don't know if it's that the food has gotten worse or if we have gotten disillusioned with it. it's to the point where i honestly dream of next year and having an open kitchen. (last night i dreamed about toyon eating clubs. in japanese. i kid you not.)

i got a package from mommy today in the mail! it was exciting. it included 2 tank tops similar to the ones i have that i love so much, but with thicker straps and a v-neck - i guess that's this season's look - and a pair of flip-flops. the super-cool part was that one of the tanks and the flip-flops are precisely the color that i decided is my favorite last night. (see also: the lid of my laptop, my cellphone cover, my prom dress, my fingernail polish, my happy fuzzy sweater.) also there was a Discover magazine and some funnies and some easter eggs for me to open during finals. how cute of my mom. (: almost starts to make up for the fact that they're in new mexico skiing right now... dammit. :P

i'm a terrible advisee. i never go see my advisor. i know what classes i want to take without consulting him. i'm lazy. i hope i don't, as a paa next year, get any advisees like me. :P

ok, off to do more un-studying... joel's dorm, then the apple store in PA and pearl milk tea! yaaaay!

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